Chinese through song

search for a song, listen to it and see if you like it enough to listen to it many many times. You can find some here There’s probably a better place, but that one has been near the top of the search results.

search for the lyrics. They will likely be in characters.

also get the pinyin by putting in through popupchinese’s  It breaks it up into WORDS for you. recommends it.

listen to the song following along with the pinyin.

recognize any words or structures you’ve already learned in class or wherever. So many times i’ve taken i long time to realize that I should have been able to understand some part of a song. Funniest case: 全世界都在学中国话. (the whole world is learning chinese) (I just typed that at mdbg dictionary. useful when you’re on a computernot set up to type chinese)

If you know most of sentence with the exclusion of one or two words,learn those new ones.

when you listen to it again, find new things to pay attention to, otherwise you’re not learning.


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